How Did a Paralegal and a Teacher Start a Farm?


Well, I think it’s important to note that Michael and I share a lifelong love for gardening and an interest in plants.

Passion: check.

We bought this place first for the views. We're surrounded by the Ruby, Tobacco Root, Gravely, and Greenhorn Mountains.

Our second reason was the space. What we hadn't realized though, was what we were getting with a wheel line and an irrigated alfalfa field - we found ourselves with a LOT of workable land. It only took two or three times of moving said line to ask ourselves “what if?”

So a few evenings of discussion passed, and we settled on two crops: garlic and irises.

Why Start with Garlic and Irises?

Our focus on these crops was no random decision. The farm sits at just over 5,000 feet in elevation. Coincidentally, irises and garlic thrive in this mountain climate.

Both are hearty. They are critter resistant, which means we keep our good standing with all four legged neighbors. Garlic and irises do not require crazy amounts of water. Our access to irrigation is great, but do we really need to use ALL the water?

Best of all, our crops are multipurpose. If you think about it, you get double harvest with these plants.

garlic = scapes and bulbs, and irises = flowers and rhizomes.

They also self-propagate, so once we’re set, we won’t have to invest in seed annually. Bonus: both are incredibly robust and disease resistant.


The Adventure Awaits

We're looking forward to all of the cool activities we'll be able to explore on the farm.

For example, what meal isn’t enhanced by a little garlic heat? We love cooking and the ability to share our discoveries and recipes with garlic sounds engaging and rewarding.

Whose yard doesn’t pop with a patch of irises in spring? Irises come in all shapes, colors, and sizes; they are very easy to hybridize. Hopefully, in a few years, we can debut some head-turning, one-of-a-kind flowers that will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

As we start this new venture, we are encouraged by your support. We look forward to spending time in our field, surrounded by panoramic mountain views as we learn the ropes of the ancient art of farming. Lastly, and most importantly, we cannot wait to share our edible and visual bounties with you, your families, and communities.

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