Ruby Roots Farm

The name Ruby Roots comes from the geographic location of the farm. We are located in the Ruby Valley nestled between the Ruby Mountains and Tobacco Root Mountains.


 Let me tell you the story:

A year ago we saw some land in the Ruby Valley for sale. It had some beautiful views, and seemed perfect for any form of agriculture. A year later we find ourselves buying an amazing farmhouse and alfalfa field, on the very same road! Now being responsible for irrigating said alfalfa we quickly started talking about what WE would want to grow. We’ve always planted garlic and know it well. Talk of an iris farm goes back a few years to when we were landscaping our home in Hot Springs.

What makes Ruby Roots Farm special? Not too sure yet. But when talking with the man at the lumber yard he did say, “Garlic? Don’t think anyone has ever done that before in the valley.”


Since then, he is always asking how things are going.



- Andrew DeMato

There is a cute story about Michael as a wee child. One morning, Michael had left his bed, so his father went searching for him high and low. It wasn't until later that Michael was discovered outside in the garden eating sweet peas. I myself can remember wanting to be a farmer when I was in kindergarten.


For both our lives we’ve worked with plants and gardens, so this has always been like a dream of ours. We didn’t realize we were able to do it all until we understood exactly what we had purchased with that irrigated field and wheel line. We also well on our urban farmer-hood  journey in Hot Springs. We had planted an orchard, had great raised beds, and four hives.


I think it was there that we maybe both realized we could actually be farmers...

Work-wise, we tend to stick together! So from planting to harvest - including shipping/distribution -  to marketing and research, we're running a farm and business all in one.